So I wrote a piece for The Pastry Box, “Don’t Be Afraid To Be Personal”, on what…

So I wrote a piece for The Pastry Box, “Don’t Be Afraid To Be Personal”, on what’s been bothering me (Vitaly) a lot lately:

“When you start your own thing, you usually start small. Over time you grow, you evolve, you change, and hopefully stay committed to your principles and beliefs. That’s what people start respecting you for. But often you keep growing and you end up with a brand identity growing on you, becoming a corporate identity, eventually turning into a brand.

People often see companies as, you know, companies — with secretaries and meetings and teams and corporate events and fancy birthday parties. Companies do have good or bad reputation, but in both cases they often feel quite distant, almost unreachable, and so much bigger and larger than us, or their products that we keep using. We hardly ever see people behind those organisations though — we might find them on the “About page”, but what we remember aren’t necessarily those people and their stories, but the company’s branding and their values. That’s good too, but I don’t think that’s good for everybody.”


Don’t Be Afraid To Be Personal
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